1. Make sure you have a payment card that supports Fidesmo Pay.

2. Find your preferred Tapster accessory on the site.

3. Connect your payment card of choice after purchasing the accessory in the shop, by clicking Connect Fidesmo Pay

4. Activate the contactless payments on your Tapster once you receive it.

5. Tap and pay!

When you connect your payment card to Tapster, a reference is created with a different card number. This means that if you lose your Tapster, you only have to block your Tapster from making payments, and not your physical payment card.  

Fidesmo collaborates with a variety of banks, and it’s the supported payment cards from these banks that can be connected to your Tapster. See all the supported payment cards.

There are three ways to connect your payment card:

Online - Connect your payment card in the check out when you purchase your Tapster. Activate your Tapster in the Fidesmo Android app, Fidesmo iPhone app, Fidesmo Self Service Portal or your banks app or website, once you receive it. 

Fidesmo Android app - Connect your payment card in an easy and secure way through the Fidesmo Android app.

In-store - Purchase your Tapster in one of the listed stores and connect your payment card in-store.